Ballot Access

The first step of any candidate’s path to office is collecting the signatures needed to get on the ballot. We’ve managed the collection of ballot access signatures for Presidents, Governors, and Mayors, giving their campaigns the piece of mind that their organizational needs were met. There is no room for error and we have the right experience and resources to ensure your success.

In addition to our work with traditional two-party candidates we are proud of the work we have done on behalf of third parties and third party candidates. Most recently – and notably – was our work with Americans Elect, an award winning non-profit with a mission to re-imagine the U.S. presidential primary system by placing an alternative balanced presidential ticket on the ballot. APC created and implemented the 50-state ballot access plan and oversaw the collection of over 2 million signatures before the effort disbanded in May of 2012. Our experience with this effort gave us unique insight into the arcane ballot access laws across the country that we can put into place to help you achieve your ballot access today.

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